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LED self-lighting and beautifying light

LED self-lighting and beautifying light

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The indispensable things for young people

Do you often feel annoyed because there is no good light for taking pictures? Take a look at this latest LED light!



Two-color lighting

There are 20 cold bulbs and 20 warm bulbs in this LED light, so it has two colors of light, cold light and warm light. Using the cold light can make a person look fairer and more beautiful, while using the warm light can make a person's skin look smoother.Of course, you can also use cold, warm and light at the same time.

long-range endurance

This LED light is fast to charge and can last 45 minutes per full charge. And it comes with a 26 cm long charging cable that can be charged while in use.

Light Adjustment

The adjustment of this LED light is very flexible, adjusting the light switch and color is by pressing the button once, summoning the SOS mode is by quickly pressing the button twice, and the adjustment of the light brightness is by long pressing the button.

Multi-occasion use

In general, this LED light is mainly used to take pictures or live video to supplement the light, in addition, this LED light has other uses, we can take it to parties, concerts and even bars and other places, anyway, it is very convenient to carry!


Battery Capacity:200 mAh
Battery weight:3.2g

Packaging includes

1*LED light
1* Charging cable
1* Instruction manual
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